How to Stop Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is fast becoming the main form of bullying

Cyberbullying can be a worry for both parents and children. If you feel your child is a victim of cyberbullying, then you should look to take the following action to ensure the bullying ceases as soon as possible.

Tell Your Child Not to Retaliate

When dealing with aggression online, it can be tempting for children to fight back. This should be avoided as all it does is give the bully what they’re looking for. While it can be upsetting, it’s important that your child ignores any online threats and abuse, otherwise it could escalate further.

Ensure You Save The Evidence

Regardless of whether your child is being subjected to abuse via social networks, or via SMS, there are several ways of saving the evidence. In most instances, a simple screenshot of any threats and insults made is enough. Once you have captured the screenshot, save the evidence in a folder or USB drive. Different mobile phones will have different methods of capturing a screenshot, so it can be worthwhile reverting to the instructions to see how this is done.

Reassure Your Child That It’s Not Their Fault

When facing an onslaught of insults and abuse, it’s not surprising that children can feel that they’re to blame. While parents know this is often not the case, it can be useful to reassure your child, as they can become confused, especially if the bullying has come from nowhere.

Use the Tools Available

The great thing about technology today is that there seems to be a solution for every kind of problem, and this is especially true when it comes to online harassment. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have a block feature which blocks all contact from unwanted parties. Should your child be receiving unwanted phone calls and text message, then it’s advisable to look at the many apps available that look to block unwanted numbers. Once the app is installed, those trying to get in contact with your child will hit a series of brick walls.

Report the Bullying

There can be varying levels of bullying, with some forms of bullying being more threatening than others. Fortunately, there are a series of steps you can take to ensure action is taken. Social networks have an anonymous reporting system that allows you to highlight any material that is causing offence, and in many instances, it will be removed swiftly.

However, if the bullying continues following this, then it can be advisable to contact the police, using the evidence you’ve already saved.

Ensure Your Child’s Accounts are Protected

It stands to reason that children can be a lot more trusting than adults, but it’s important that they understand the importance of keeping their login details and passwords safe. While it may not seem like a big deal to share details with a close friend, there’s no real way of knowing as to whether the friendship will turn sour.

Ensuring all login details and passwords are kept safe means that there is less ammunition for potential bullies to use in the future.

Speak to The School

While there are many things parents can take care off, when it comes to online bullying, it can be difficult to know how to approach the problem in the right way. If you feel that the bullying your child is experiencing is affecting their schoolwork, then you should look to speak to the school as soon as possible.

Not only can they look at ways to ensure your child doesn’t fall behind academically, but they may also be able to help with the bullying. Schools have taken a firm stance against bullying, be it online or otherwise, so you should find that there is a lot of support for both you and your child.

A child being bullied is never a pleasurable experience, but ensuring we take the right steps can help curb the bullying, as well as ensuring your child develops more resilience moving forward.